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Weekend Warrior Toy Haulers|Full Time Fifth Wheel Toyhaulers

Weekend Warrior 5th Wheel and Travel Trailer Toy Haulers Factory Direct Manufacturer

Why buy a toy hauler Factory Direct?

Since the beginning of time humans have had toys, tools and equipment that they wanted to bring along with them as they roamed across the countryside. Although humans have evolved, their desire to carry their toys with them as not as is evident when looking at the massive group of RVers that migrate to areas across the country to have fun.

Several decades ago there were several companies that would custom build product that combined a garage with a living quarter in a travel trailer. Hence, the toy hauler market was born. Over the last few years there have been many manufacturers of RVs that have entered the toyhauler segment. Most of these companies build toyhaulers based on their limited knowledge of the market and they strive to use the cheapest materials to build their product.


we have studied the use of toyhaulers and work hard to design the best products possible. We also use only the best components available starting with our all steel cage construction. This unique and exclusive design from High strength low Alloy (HSLA) allow our toy hauler to have the highest strength available of any other unit in the toyhauler travel trailer and 5th wheel market by 72%. 

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 Our product was designed by people that use this product in the deserts of southern California and other places that allow them to enjoy their toys knowing that their toyhauler trailer will take care of their sand rails, dune buggies, Harleys, RZR and many other pleasure crafts.

The idea behind the toy hauler is one that makes a lot of sense. Rather than buying a traditional travel trailer or 5th Wheel, the toyhauler design allows you the benefit of having a garage that can convert into a living area once you arrive at your destination. So, you drive your toys inside your travel trailer as the Weekend Warrior products give you the longest and widest garage area of any other toyhauler company. Once you set up camp, you remove all your toys and through a series of electric buttons, and mechanical levers you have several sofas, beds or barrel chairs and your garage becomes a living room.

The Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler has the top of the line construction philosophy. Your toys will be surrounded by a fully laminated unit. Specifically, Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler travel trailers laminates the sidewalls, floor and the roof. This super structure will give you the torsional rigidity to assure your toys are safe and sturdy as you are driving down the highway to your favorite destination.

Any toy hauler can give a garage for your toys, but the great toy hauler manufacturers go the extra mile. Weekend Warrior toy haulers gives you many extras. To name a few of those important extra features; Residential size microwave, kicker sound system, 20 gallon fuel system with filling station, scissor leveling system, fiberglass front cap, ducted roof AC system. There is no other toy hauler that offers such a vast standard package.

Buying a toy hauler is a smart way to spend your money. You get both a hauler and a travel trailer or 5th wheel for the price of one. When you buy a Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler travel trailer or 5th wheel you get the best designed toyhauler with the most rugged construction ever seen in the toyhauler market.

Top Nine Toys

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  • The greatest thing about the RV industry is we have so many different way people enjoy family, fun and the great outdoors. One of the most unique and exciting ways the RV industry helps people enjoy each other is by making the all popular Toy Hauler. The following is a ranking of the most popular toys. The information has been gathered by Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels:
    Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler. This iconic name is now available factory direct. The new company is taking the great old style and adding the motorhome style construction philosophy. Toy Hauler currently available in 20-28 foot travel trailers with 5th wheels coming soon. For more information check out the company at www.weekendwarriortoyhauler.com
    1. RZR Sandrail side-by-side. This product is most popular in the southwest region of the US. A mecca of desert fun is found at Glamis, California. This destination has been making memories for years and the RZR Razor by Polaris is the most popular of the bunch.
    2. Buckshot SR5 side by side. This product has some amazing designs and gives the best curb appeal with some crazy custom packaging.
    3. Harley Davidson. Any model, any part of the country. This American classic is fun for all ages.
    1. Sand Car Unlimited. A small family owned dune buggy manufacturer. Custom building is their name and they have been doing it since 1989.
    2. Polaris Rush Snowmobile. For those families that live in the region of the country where toy haulers are used to carry their favorite snow time fun toy.
    3. Sea-Doo Performance RXT aS 260. This great product has been creating family fun on all types of waterways throughout the US. Whether you are driving your toy hauler to the on the west coast or enjoying the Gulf of Mexico, this toy will bring laughter and memories for years to come.
    1. Yamaha Wave Runner VX Cruiser. This wave runner is lighter, more fuel efficient and will give you the blast of a lifetime.
    2. Artic Cat Wildcat. This side by side is considered one of the most affordable side by side in the dune buggy business.
    3. Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero Motorcycle. This beautiful motorcycle allows the rider to cruise and enjoy any landscape anytime anywhere. Kawasaki has plenty to choos from for all types of riders and all types of condition...